Lifestyle Farm Lots

The Farm and Ranch Lots of River Bend Ranch and Escalate Crossing & Preserve range in size from 2 acres to 20 acres and some include private wells on the land. All farm land lots will also be served by a a well owners association Irrigation well.

The Enclave

Irrigation Water

Irrigation water is distributed to eligible agricultural farmland lots from irrigation wells. A one-time fee will be assessed to install an individual land lot automatic schedule valve to the irrigation main line. Each land lot will receive abundant water on schedule 3 times per week. The schedule duration is more than adequate to irrigate all but 1 acre of each lot. Recommended sprinklers are Nelson Big Guns in the center of the irrigated land trimmed by smaller Nelson sprinklers in each corner. Nelson also provides many other agricultural watering solutions.

Potable Water

Water is supplied by a Water District. The water source is 800-foot-deep wells engineered for the Water District communities. The sweet artesian water is elevated to the surface by the hydraulic pressure of an enormous underground lake that originates to the east at the Dragoon Mountains. St. David Springs has received a certificate of assured water supply from the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR).

Artesian Water

Farm Land Lot Fencing

All agricultural farm land lots fenced with pipe fencing. The GoBob pasture fencing and gates are the best and most economical fencing available. We carry a few panels in stock.

  • The four-rail fence will contain animals and is an efficient common fence between farm land lots
  • The 5-rail fencing is excellent for arenas, round pens and surrounding even the largest cattle.
  • The best finish is to allow the fence to rust. The result is a maintenance free and rustic look.

Access to the San Pedro River

All River Bend land that border the Bureau of Land Management land may access the Bureau of Land Management land from a common property line. The River Bend Ranch interior agricultural land lots may enter the Bureau of Land Management land from the west end of McCommas Lane.

The farm land lots at the west end of Escalante Crossing and Preserve are adjacent to 50 acres of Preserve. The Escalante Crossing and Preserve Homeowners may access the Preserve at the Northwest corner of Escalante Crossing. The Preserve land is private and gated and available only to Escalante Crossing residents and their guests. The private land extends west beyond the river to the west bank of the San Pedro River.


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Rise of the Lifestyle Farm

Rise of the Lifestyle Farm

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