Water…Water Everywhere

Water is abundant in St David Springs, never worry that the water will run low. It all may seem too good to be true, how can there be so much water available? St David Springs water is supplied by artesian wells from which water flows under natural pressure to the land surface.

Some of the water below the peaceful land of St David Springs is thousands of years old and forced to the top hydraulically due to the clay lenses originating to the east and at the base of the Chiricahua Mountains terminating 800 feet below St David. Wells that penetrate the clay lens originating at the Chiricahua Mountains produce sweet artesian water. This water is elevated to the surface by the hydraulic pressure of an enormous underground lake.

The St David Springs water is sourced from thirty (30) domestic and irrigation wells located throughout St David Springs. It’s practically like you walk on water…

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Lifestyle Farm Lots

“Lifestyle farm” homesite large land lots from 3 to 100 acres — perfect for your Farm or Territorial style home as well as crops and animals. These large farm lots feature fertile soil and abundant water for irrigation.

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Water…Lots O’ Water

Water is provided to St David Springs by many wells, with a well on most of the lots. Artesian Water