Grain Bin Gazebo

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**Prices are subject to change based on cost of labor and material fluctuation at time of agreement**

Grain Bin Gazebos – By the turn of the century the Midwest owner of a dairy herd of more than a dozen cows, who had failed to erect a silo or grain bin, was regarded as behind the age. Today BIG agriculture has rendered small silos and grain bins obsolete. With grain bin’s not being used as much in agriculture, they have become popular as gazebos.

Typically, 18 feet in diameter and 14 feet in height and upper cone adds 7 feet perfectly fit your needs.

Add a gazebo to your home for outdoor entertaining and relaxing.

Go to any home on the website, click the Online Design button. Once in the online design catalogue, go to Design Checklist, Finishes Garage and Exterior,

Hit the Gazebo icon and choose the size gazebo you are interested in.

Grain bin gazebos are available using repurposed grain bins or grain bins that are brand new. Repurposed grain bins have an antique look and when available are available at market price. If you are interested in a repurposed grain bin gazebo, please inquire for pricing. New grain bin gazebos are available in our online design catalogue.