15 Things You Learn Growing Up On A Farm

By Emma Wilson,12/5/2017 last updated January 24, 2020

Nothing compares to growing up on a farm. Getting to work alongside your family, watching the sunrises and sunsets, being surrounded by animals . . . nothing could beat the memories of your upbringing. Check out the top 15 Things You Learn Growing Up on a Farm.

  1. You had endless opportunities for fun outside. Staying inside playing video games wasn’t an option, so you spent most of your childhood outside playing for hours. You joined FFA and 4H. (both Benson and St David have very good programs)
  2. You learn responsibility at a young age. Animals depended on you to feed them, and you understood the importance of your daily chores. No farm kid grows up without learning responsibility.
  3. You develop a strong work ethic. From your own projects for county fair to building fence, you can outwork most of your peers.
  4. Your siblings become best friends. Although you may have had your moments of throwing buckets at one another, the bond between siblings on the farm is unbreakable.
  5. You learn how to drive at a young age. Learning how to drive came easy since you could operate equipment, tractors and drive the farm truck.
  6. You understand life and death. You’ve seen the births of animals and developed an understanding of the circle of life at a young age.
  7. You aren’t afraid of a little dirt. There was no such thing as nice clothes….. except for dances, church and family dinners.
  8. You share a family passion. Everyone in the family was expected to help and knew each of their responsibilities.
  9. You had the best story time. Nothing could be better than your grandparents’ stories about the farm back in the olden days and seeing their faces light up as you carry on the passion for agriculture.
  10. You know what the best part of summer is – the county fair. The absolute most important week of the year, where you see the results of endless hot summer days pay off.
  11. You have a deep love of the land. Every farm kid develops an appreciation for the land and a connection to nature.
  12. You enjoy a free-spirited upbringing. Many of your summer meals were eaten straight out of the garden, and you ran barefoot everywhere you went.
  13. You know what it means to be selfless. You learned to care for another person besides yourself.
  14. You learned the value of a dollar. By working harder and caring more for your animals, you received more money for your work.
  15. You know there is no better place to be raised. You realize how lucky you are to have grown up on a farm and want the same for your kids because no other upbringing can compare.

How about #16?

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