Rosemont Copper Mine

The Rosemont Copper Mine is a proposed open pit copper mine located 30 miles southeast of Tucson in the Santa Rita Mountains.  It is currently in a permitting review process directed by the US Forest Service and the US Army Corps of Engineers, and has faced numerous challenges related to potential environmental impacts.

If approved, the Rosemont Mine is projected to be the third largest copper mine in the US and bring many new jobs to the region.

“Yes, it is possible to have a copper mining operation that is good for the economy and sensitive to the environment,” said Tucson Metro Chamber President and CEO Mike Varney, in a release. “…We welcome and look forward to the economic impact this major new employer will have on our region.”

The mine is expected to add more than 400 permanent positions to the local job market at an average compensation of $60,000 per year. Varney said that would not be the only benefit of the development, as it would also include well over 1,000 temporary construction jobs and create a “ripple effect” of economic prosperity due to increased localized spending.

The Rosemont Copper Mine is less than a 60 minute drive to St. David Springs.