NW Cochise County Answers Prayers for Comfort and Security

BENSON, Ariz.Nov. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The United States government issued a 1,600-page report detailing the costs of climate change and its effects on the economy. The report sheds new light on the long-debated scientific causes of climate change stating that rising seas, increased flooding, persistent droughts, and frequent, sizable storms could have catastrophic effects on the planet- and cost us billions.

The rate of natural disasters is on the rise. Hurricanes in Florida and the Carolinas, tornado outbreaks in the mid west, fires in California, and flooding in the south. In the first nine months of 2017, the US had fifteen separate billion-dollar weather disasters. Each storm topping the previous one in record intensity. The U.S. shattered the record for disaster cost in 2017, costing $306 billion and exceeding the previous high by $96 billion. Not included in the 2017 cost quote, the Bomb Cyclone kicked off 2018, with blizzard conditions and extreme cold.

In 2018, to date, there have been fifteen hurricanes documented across the U.S., and 808 tornadoes, with twelve tornado-related deaths. Fires are running rampant. Hundreds of lives and 11,000+ structures have been lost this year alone due to wildfires in California. The deadliest wildfire the state has ever seen is now on record, as is the most destructive campfire in history. California Governor, Jerry Brown, says, “Our firefighters are dealing in existential conditions.” He goes on, “The intensifying heat and dry conditions contribute to climate change and the deadliness of these wildfires.” While President Trump takes a different stance, suggesting California state officials’ lack of forest management is to blame. Whatever the case or cause, these disasters continue to occur and wreak havoc on the lives of the innocent.

It is in this vein, many, searching for a way out, are looking to the beauty and security of Northwest Cochise County, in southern Arizona, where it has been coined the Cordial Climate for a reason. Just 30 minutes from Tucson International Airport, it does not see natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, or tornadoes. The living is comfortable and protected. Three distinct, master planned communities provide refuge and sanctuary, mild winters and dry summers. Red Hawk, at 4,500 feet and features three-acre estate lots; Vigneto, offers a modern 50 and up, Tuscan-inspired recreation community; and, St David Springs, provides a nature lifestyle with the ability to grow crops and live in a desert oasis.

This is the right time to explore and decide if Southern Arizona, with its starry skies and year-round outdoor living, is right for you and your family. Design your home today in Northwest Cochise County.

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