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Lifestyle Farm and Ranch lots of St David Springs range in size from 3 to 100 acres. Most lots include private wells on the land.

Water is naturally supplied from mountains that surround our valley. The water source are wells up to 800-feet-deep. The water rises naturally above or near the surface due to the artesian nature of most of the St David Springs wells. The sweet artesian water is elevated to the surface by the hydraulic pressure of an enormous underground lake that originates at the Dragoon Mountains.

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The communities of St David Springs lie just off Arizona State Highway 80. Though the location is both rural and secluded, basic necessities are readily available in the communities of Benson, Sierra Vista, Sonoita, Huachuca City and Bisbee just 10-45 minutes away. Metropolitan Tucson lies 45 minutes west along Interstate 10.


Your custom dream home is just months from completion at St. David Springs. Choose one of several designs and individualize it to suit your unique requirements. Choose your home, go to on-line design and select the options to make your home exceptional yours. Begin from scratch for a fully custom build or choose finishes for a home in the drywall stage to make your new home unique.

A St David Springs home is NetZero ready… not just a “green home” or a home with solar panels. It combines advanced design and superior building systems to produce a better home. Top it off and add solar array to solve for NetZero. St David Springs homes are ultra-comfortable, healthy, quiet, sustainable homes that are affordable to live in.

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The communities of St. David Springs are bordered by the San Pedro National Conservation Area and surrounded by state and federal land, perfect for families who want the convenience of new, modern, homes with the lifestyle of country living amid natural beauty.

Water is abundant in St David Springs, never worry that the water will run low. It all may seem too good to be true, how can there be so much water available? St David Springs water is supplied by artesian wells from which water flows under natural pressure to the land surface.

The St David Springs water is sourced from thirty (30) domestic and irrigation wells located throughout St David Springs. It’s practically like you walk on water…


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